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Check it! Amazing interview done to Elen last night:

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The “Scream 4″ promotion season is up, and Neve did a funny interview last Monday to Jay Leno. You can watch the video below (Part 2 is here).

HD screencaptures are also added to our gallery. Thanks to my friend Jen for the video heads up!

Stay tuned, tomorrow Neve will be at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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This was a great find of our new co-web Manu (you’ll met her soon, promise!). Neve promoted Scream this week in Canada, and appeared at Marylin Danis Show for an interview.

You can watch the interview here, direct from Official show website. And also, thanks to my friend Becca we have screencaptures added to our gallery.

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Though she has worked steadily in smaller films and theater, Neve Campbell, 37, has largely been off the Hollywood radar for the past decade.

And it seems she wouldn’t have it any other way, living single (she and actor John Light divorced recently after three years of marriage) in London’s posh Holland Park.

Now she’s back, co-starring with Courteney Cox in fan favorite, Scream 4, the latest installment of Wes Craven’s horror parody franchise opening April 15. Once again, Campbell’s Sidney Prescott finds herself the beleaguered prey of psychopathic killer Ghostface.

We recently caught up with Campbell.