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My good friend Roberta has found this gorgeous pictures of Neve signing for fans outside the “Jimmy Kimmell Live” studios last April 07th. And me, while looking for new pictures, found some HQ stills of her appearance at Jay Leno Show. Enjoy!

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A new TV spot for Scream 4 has been released, this one giving Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin a little bit of screen time. Scream 4 hits theaters April 15th.

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“Scream 4″ is cover of current EW magazine, that will hit stands next April 15th. It’s a 8 pages featuring all you need to know about Scream 4, and remembering the very first Scream.

You can expect scans of it very soon! As promised, thanks to wonderful Ali, here’s the scans:

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For a decade, Neve Campbell has avoided homicidal maniacs who wield butcher knives and wear masks inspired by Edvard Munch paintings. But she could only stay away for so long.

Campbell returns to the world of creepy calls and murderers who appear out of nowhere in “Scream 4,” the fourth movie in Wes Craven’s series of scary and satirical takes on the slasher genre. Once again, the actress plays Sidney Prescott, the feisty protagonist who will presumably fight off yet another sadistic joker in a Ghostface mask when the movie opens April 15.

I recently chatted with Campbell, 37, about the film, her bond with Courteney Cox, how Jada Pinkett Smith turned her into a horror fan and whether she would consider doing a “Scream 5.”

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I just made screencaptures of Neve at Jimmy Kimmell and Ellen Degeneres. You can find at the gallery;

I’ll do a ‘video guide’ for Scream 4 press tomorrow. There’s many videos popping up this week and I’m afraid that if I blink, will miss some… :bomb:

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Hey guys, I’m Manu, the new co-web of NeveOnline. I wanna say that I’ve followed this site since the beginning, I’m a fan of Neve just like you are (she is my number one) and I thank Lu a lot for giving me the opportunity to help with the site. I LOVE IT!!!

So Neve was at “Jimmy Kemmel Live” last night and did a great and fun interview. You can check it out on the video below (Part 2 is here). She looked adorable.